One comment on “Marijuana Prohibition Up For Discussion in Texas

  1. MAtt Randy on Apr 17, 2015 12:05 pm |

    this is truly awesome to hear, a government representative who sees the issue clearly and is not subscribing to the fear that surrounds hemp. I for one refuse to use any term that perpetuates the misinformation.I’ll call the plant MJ, high flower, or ganja, but never use the fake word used to promote the prohibition. Hemp (Indica, or Sativa) is a whole plant that can bring healing, not a demon weed that is a gateway drug. I have much to share when it comes to my journey, which has lead to better understanding, clearer comprehension, and comforting prospective. lets get the word out that those that have tasted have been transformed to better people with deeper understanding, not possessed monsters with evil intent.
    Since legalization started in Colorado, there has been a 50% drop in violent homicides. thats just one of the beautiful out comes of legalization.(most violent crimes in Denver are committed against bags of Doritos) I’d comment on the decreased incarceration, but that to me is the silver lining, the social calming, the non climatic outcome of legalization (as far as no up tic in violence or unrest) is evidence enough prohibition has done far more harm than good, and repeal has NOT brought about the chaos expected (and advertised) by the fear mongers.thank you for this app. let’s unite and change the worlds understanding, one family member, one close friend at a time. word of mouth is more powerful than the broadcast media, we shall prevail!

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